In order to encourage cultural and educational communication between Chengdu and its U.S. sister cities and friendly cooperative cities, and to provide a platform for Chinese and American youth for interactions, Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Chengdu Education Bureau has held the “China (Chengdu) - U.S. Sister Cities Youth Debate Challenge” in Chengdu in 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020 and will hold it again in 2021.

This competition is oriented to senior high school students in Chengdu and its U.S. sister cities. The participants who are selected from “Chengdu Selections” will get the chance to debate with the outstanding teams recommended by U.S. sister cities over the same debate topic.

The debate challenge has attracted a lot of attention from both countries. The Chinese ambassador in the United States Cui Tiankai said in his letter of congratulations to the event in 2016, “the growth of youth is the hope and future of a country. The exchange between youth is the hope and future of a long, healthy and steady relationship between the two countries. This debate competition provides ample opportunities for our two countries, and for these teenagers to learn from each other.”

The former U.S. Consul General in Chengdu Raymond Greene said,It is a great pleasure to join this kind of function as it helps not only uplift the debating techniques for our young people, but also bring Chinese and American people even closer. Therefore, we hope our two young people keep interacting and engaging with each other to keep the tree of China-US friendship evergreen and ever-growing.” He placed high hope on Chinese American young people and conveyed the blessings of Max Sieben Baucus, the former American ambassador to China.

We believe through this debate event, the youth from the two countries can broaden their views, improve their capabilities, and more importantly, can take this opportunity to have more communication, and develop good friendship.

主办单位:成都市人民政府外事办公室 成都教育局




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